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Little London Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S8 0UH

We are an awesome team of BMX and skateboard lovers

Onboard was originally built to offer somewhere safe and challenging for young people to practice extreme sports. Amy and Jan came up with the idea while watching their grandchildren ride around on BMX’s and scooters. It became a legacy to Amy’s father and Jan’s late husband, Mick Hulley, who had a huge vested interest in supporting youth projects.

The team soon became aware that some of Sheffield’s most vulnerable young people could benefit from engaging in extreme sports. Onboard has grown into the multi-sport activity hub that it is today and the Onboard family keeps on growing.

We offer a friendly and supportive environment for riders of all ages and abilities. We are open in the evenings, at weekends and in the holidays.  We can arrange a wide range of lessons and group sessions.

We also offer bespoke learning programmes and enrichment to vulnerable young people in schools and care. This includes bike maintenance, woodwork, engineering, art, and including GCSE English and maths support. We provide an inclusive environment and can support people with limited mobility, including wheelchair users.

It is a wonderful environment that is cultivated through riders forming trusting relationships.  We aim to support all young people to reach their potential; just as Mick Hulley did throughout his life.