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Little London Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S8 0UH

Our Team

Co-founder, Manager

I am so proud to lead this team . I talk way too much, get far too excited and tend to fly off on a tangent but I am the luckiest women!  This is a way of life and work with the most amazing bunch of people.

Supervisor, Youth Worker

Great all round atmosphere developer. Loves being outdoors, supports engagement through his creativity!

Owner of Waller BMX, Youth Worker

General BMX piped piper, supports youth development programmes. Goes between UK and Barca on a regular basis. Recognised for his decent riding skills!

Enrichment facilitator

Organized and efficient – don’t leave anything lying around or it will be “tidied”! Staff trainer, safeguarding deputy, develops and implements bespoke learning programes….still learning to bunny hop!


Had this crazy idea in a cold wet warehouse! Dog loving, dyslexic and dyspraxic specialist, teaches maths & English.  Covers the counter, brings us change and generally always there when we need her.

Supervisor, Youth Worker

The ultimate rider & lover of anything sweet. His bark is worse than his bite!


Brains and brawn! Weekend supervisor, BMX tutor and everyone’s mate!


Skate teacher and general team player – covers all nighter sessions and community programmes.

Sam Ward


Builder and maintenance team for onboard. Keeps us all in check, can make anything out of wood, he’s the DIY king! Easily led astray on a team night out!