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Little London Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S8 0UH
Nearly there!

This is the top piece of wood from the vertwall, crazy to think how many tires have rubbed off on here!

We have now been open nearly 6years and everyday we are still learning more and meeting new people.  Over the past few weeks during the rebuild we have had so many messages from wonderful and positive people offering help ripping out ramps and removing wood and all the other rubbish jobs we have to get done! These messages have not gone unnoticed, we really appreciate them and everyone’s support 🤘🏼

The new park will be done soon – we are so excited to see everyone’s faces when its done.  We have never had the best skatepark or ever pretended to, but this one is exciting and will take us all by storm! Can’t wait for you guys to see! Hang in tight and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather!